Relieving symptoms including:

*Disc Bulge
*Disc Herniation
*Disc Deterioration

 Spinal Decompression offers pain relief by applying a negative pressure that draws the nucleus material back into the disc space like sucking the jelly back into a doughnut. At the same time, decompression strengthens the fibrocartilage bands that hold the nucleus in place.

Spinal decompression therapy is performed on a specially designed table. Your specialized body position, position of harness and the gentle angle of the table allows for accurate and focused treatment to the effected disc(s).

This table is programmed to facilitate a gentle stretching force to spinal vertebrae.


Lumbar Decompression            Cervical Decompression


Does spinal decompression provide permanent relief?

Spinal decompression can offer long-lasting relief. To maximize your results, the doctors at Stow-Kent Chiropractic recommend that you adopt a wellness lifestyle that includes routine, maintenance adjustments.

Can I still work while I’m undergoing treatment?

Unlike surgery that requires an extensive recovery time, most patients are able to maintain a normal work routine while undergoing treatment. If your job is physically stressful, the doctor may ask you to consider light duty for a short period of time.

Can I be treated with spinal decompression if I’ve had spinal surgery in the past?

In most cases the answer is YES! However, if you have had metal implants, unfortunately, you are not a candidate for spinal decompression.

How often do I come in for sessions and how long do they last?

A typical treatment plan consists of 20 sessions. Depending on your schedule, the doctors recommend 3-5 sessions per week. Each spinal decompression session last approximately 30 minutes (after the initial consultation).