What To Expect During Your First Visit



 Upon arriving at our office your first stop will be to get signed in at the front desk. Our staff will welcome you to the office and then review your paperwork if you downloaded and filled out the forms in advance. If you were not able to print it out, it will then be given to you to fill out



After all the appropriate forms are completed and we have all the necessary information, your next stop will be a consultation with one of our staff members.  During the consultation we will discuss your reason for coming to our office and get some information on what may be the root of your problem.


After your consultation, one of our doctors will do different tests to evaluate your problem.



If necessary, x-rays will be taken so the doctor can take a closer look to see what may be the cause of your problem.



During your second visit, the doctor will have studied your x-rays and at this time they will sit down with you and go over the findings.